Escrito el 14/05/2019
GMD of Cafh - Ana Cristina Flor

Cafh as a human group is a living being, with a mission in the Plan of Evolution of Humanity. Each one of us is Cafh and we have a mission to fulfill: to live the Mysticism of the Heart. We are called upon to develop a nobler way of feeling, of learning to live in our hearts, in the Divine Presence, to learn to recognize the Divine Presence in others and in all things. We are called upon to become inwardly as nothing to be able to be in the whole.

We have the challenge of living in us this Mysticism of Love.

The Law of Renouncement is the master key that opens the door leading us to our mission.

Our mission calls us to be free. Renunciation teaches us to flow in the Great Current of Life, to let go what binds us and stops us, and to receive what life places in our hands so we may learn and expand our horizons. We have this freedom at every instant.

Our mission calls us to love. Real love is born of Renunciation. We liberate our heart from the feelings that hinder our unfolding and separate us, in order to allow us to open to the unknown in another being, to walk with those around us joining our strengths and our individualities. We are partners in this adventure in life.

Our mission calls us to trust. The communion of values and desires strengthens the trust between us. The transcendent scope of our mission makes us intuitively know within our hearts that we do not walk alone in this world. We trust that the Divine Mother and the Holy Masters accompany us and guide our steps.

Our mission calls us to serve. We find in service a source of joy and fulfillment because it draws the focus from the small circle of our self to a wider circle. Thus, we open ourselves and put our energies in a creative and effective way at the disposal of the Work to be carried out. Service makes us humble and creates brotherhood. We are at the service of one another, we are at the service of the Great Work.

Our mission calls us to work together. We grow and complete ourselves working together, we widen the scope of our horizons with the vision of others. We discover that the mission we have in common is always beyond our personal view.

Our mission is simple but of a transcendence unknown to us. Its realization in our life represents a quantic leap in the consciousness of humankind.

In this time of changes, instability, crisis of values, our mission acquires an even greater significance and urgency. Let us remain centered in our heart, united by our mission. Let us carry the Message of Renouncement—a message of love, freedom, trust, service, joint work—to all human beings, upholding it with our life and in our groups. This is our real contribution to the critical moment Humanity is going through.


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