Annual Mission 2022
Ana Cristina Flor

Faced with the magnitude of the difficulties confronting the world, we can feel that our contribution is insignificant. But our intention and our individual effort are multiplied through our union with the Mystical Body of Cafh.

Let us trust in that power and generate hope for humanity.

Let us unfold the Mysticism of the Heart through inner silence. Let us pause as often as possible during the day to focus on the here and now. Asking ourselves some questions can help: Where am I? What am I thinking, feeling, doing? Whom am I with? What is life bringing me at this moment? What is it asking of me? What am I willing to give? Let us remember that inner silence is a way of thinking in which we are observers and witnesses of our inner world.

No matter how far away we may find ourselves from our center, let us try to bring to our consciousness the Divine Presence that lives within us and the transcendence of the mission we have embraced.