Annual Mission 2021
Ana Cristina Flor

We are going through a deep crisis in Humankind. The pandemic does not seem to
have steered Humankind, to any significant degree, towards working more
collaboratively to respond to the health, social, economic and environmental
problems that afflict the planet.

Thus, our contribution as workers in the field of consciousness is of vital importance. We are cells in the body of Humankind.

Developing the skills that allow us to live together, with respect and in diversity, is a
real contribution to the state of global consciousness.

Let’s develop our perception. Let’s imagine we are like an antenna that captures
the whole environment without judgment, without personal interest, without
desires. The antenna receives only the information that is out there.

Let’s take a few moments in the day to try to quiet our chatter and keep silent in
order to perceive what is happening in ourselves (in our body, our emotions, our
thoughts) and in our surroundings (in people, groups and the environment).

In this way, we’ll be able to grasp the present moment in depth, putting aside our
rationalizations, prejudices and desires.

This gives us the possibility of finding better answers and bonding with one
another at a deeper level, a level where we can recognize ourselves as a part of the