Members of Cafh


We gather regularly in small groups in order to study, meditate and share ideas, with the intention of living more consciously and thus improve the quality of our life and the life of the communities where we live.

What is Cafh?

Cafh’s members meet weekly during an hour to share a meditation exercise, develop and work on the contents of what we call The Teaching and practice a communication technique called Dialogue. These reunions are attended by few people (usually no more than seven) at a time convenient for all. The reunions are face-to-face, if it is possible, but they can also be online. Cafh’s members study and go deep into themes from yearly courses which are studied individually and during the weekly reunions. 

One way of participating as a member of Cafh is to live in a Community of unmarried people in any of the countries where there are Communities for men or women.

There are also activities for people who are not active members of Cafh and yet are interested in attending lectures, workshops, retreats, reunions, and in knowing more about Cafh´s ideas and the means we use for our inner unfolding, like meditation.

Communities of Cafh

Through a life of prayer, study and work, the members of Cafh who live in a Community try to develop harmony in their relations, offering the fruits of this experience to society.

Many religions and spiritual paths have groups of people who choose to live together in a community.

In Cafh, there are communities where groups of men and women share the ideal of living devoted to the love of God and humankind through the practice of renouncement and the service to others.

The members of these communities make a living by their own work. At present, they support educational, industrial and service institutions, which also contribute to meet the needs of the context where they are established.

Nowadays, there are Communities for women as well as for men in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and the USA.

For further information, enter de web: site:

Community of Tivoli, New York

Community of Yorktown, New York