Cafh - A greeting for the 84th anniversary of foundation

Publicado el 03/03/2021

On a day just like today, on March 3rd, 84 years ago, Santiago Bovisio has founded Cafh. TThis young Italian immigrant arrived in Argentina when he was 22 years old. Ten years later, he had begun the adventure of creating a possibility, a new possibility for humanity, a path for unfolding human consciousness. He started with only two companions in the city of Buenos Aires. And nowadays Cafh has reached 27 countries on the five continents. These numbers do not matter! What matters is our task, our mission which is gleaming as little lights all over the planet. We are workers of the consciousness, workers of mysticism. Our contribution is to expand the consciousness of humanity by expanding our own consciousness. Today, we are together to celebrate our mission, our friendship. And to give strength to each other in these moments of accelerated changes and uncertainty. The power of love and the power of the evolution of consciousness will lead us to new possibilities and contribute to making real Cafh's mission in the world.
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