The Cafh Community Lifestyle

Escrito el 16/09/2019

The members of each community of Cafh adhere to a balanced and organized spiritual lifestyle. Our days are ordered to enable each of us to focus on individual spiritual well-being as well as the professional obligations of the communities. The way of life in a Cafh community is based on a daily schedule called “Observance.” This schedule reminds us that we are not just fulfilling a routine but embracing a way of life. This way of life is about inner liberation and happiness toward a harmonious world.

Each community of Cafh has its own schedule, formulated to allow for a balanced day that includes spiritual activities, intellectual activities, physical activities, and recreation, while meeting the needs dictated by the external work, the climate, and the community’s particular circumstances.

A typical day may go as follows, with some variations, depending on the community.

7:00am Personal time
8:00am Work
12:00 Lunch & recreation
1:30pm Private study and rest
3:30pm Work
6:30pm Personal time
7:30pm Teaching of Cafh
8:00pm Dinner & recreation
9:30pm Prayer and meditation
10:00pm Individual study and private reflection
11:00pm Silence and rest

If you are seeking greater fulfillment and meaning in your life, then the inner liberation realized living in a community of Cafh may be your path to spiritual unfolding.

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