Voluntary activities



How to contribute to the betterment of people’s quality of life, health, education, respect for their rights and responsibility for their duties?

Cafh’s mission is to support the spiritual unfolding of its members and people interested in it, with the aim of promoting a movement of positive transformation in humankind and the planet.

Cafh invites all its members to participate as volunteers in the organization and diffusion of lectures, courses and workshops promoting the unfolding of human beings’ consciousness. In these events the participants discover a new vision of their own life through self-knowledge and the use of the tools offered by the method of Cafh, such as meditation and dialogue.

Nowadays, there are periodic activities for Cafh’s members and for other people interested in Cafh in the 30 countries where Cafh is present. All the activities are sustained by the work and voluntary donations of Cafh’s members. You can look at the schedule of activities here.

By organizing and offering spaces for gathering and reflecting, volunteers actively contribute to creating a state of inner balance in each of the participants, a true work of inner ecology, which promotes peace in the individual, the family and society. This environment facilitates the emergence of an ever more inclusive state of consciousness. In this way, it helps prevent the problems generated by an excessively egocentric view and it makes it possible to find better answers to everyday questions.

By offering their time and energy, as well as the material resources necessary to support and promote the work of Cafh, volunteers contribute to the development of a better world in a direct way.