We are all Cafh | in English

Publicado el 05/07/2020
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This project was made of members of Cafh from Portugal, Brazil, and USA, creating this lyrics and music.

Words: José Cascão (PT)

Original Music: SP Thiago Giglio (BR)

English Music: Leonard Ross (US)


Both sower and seed

We’re both body and mind

So much pain, and so much love

We all feel it

We all feel that


Energized from inside

Stilled retreat, or active motion

Such pure intention

We all have it

We all have that

Recharge and pray

Our time reflecting

Oh my friend...oh my brother

The past and the present

Are like the future

Each in its own proper time

Let’s all go ahead

Let’s move it along

What is there to give?

To live and to love

Be everything, or be nothing

We all are that

All of us are

We all are...Cafh

We all are...Cafh

We are all...Cafh

We all of us are...